ボストン日本人学生会名簿 (外国人の部)
(2007年12月 改訂)
氏名 生没年 関係大学 初期学年度 調査事項(著書、肩書きなど)    
Family Name First Name 生年 没年
A Austin, Jr. Oliver L.(Luther) 1903 1988 Harvard 1951 Life histories of North American cardinals, grosbeaks, buntings, towhees, finches, sparrows, and allies : order Passeriformes: family Fringillidae / [by] Arthur Cleveland Bent and collaborators. Compiled and edited by Oliver L. Austin, Jr, 1968        オリバー・オースチン博士、GHQ天然資源局野生生物科科長として来日(1946年7月)  墓地はAlachua,Florida 
B Babbitt  I.  1865 1933 Harvard 1920 文学者のIrvin Babbitt
Babson Roger W. 1875 1967 Harvard, Babson 1921 Babson Collegeの創設者
Bacon Hudson       1951  
Baker G. P.  1866 1935 Yale 1920 文学者のGeorge Philip Baker
Baster Monica Leary       1950  
Bayley Edw. B       1922 The endowed church from the business man’s point of view. From the minister’s point of view, George A. Gordon(1853-1929), D.D., published in Boston, 1924(Pamphlet)
Beckmith Alice       1921 Willing, and well qualified to teach English.
Beckmith Helen       1921 Willing, and well qualified to teach English.
Bennett W. C.     Harvard 1920 student of Harvard. Taking care of the foreign students.
Benson Robert     MIT? 1951 Initial velocity grid current in acorn tube type 954 / by Robert C. Benson, Thesis (B.S.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Physics, 1951か?
Bessrick Elizabeth       1921  
Bessrick H. G.       1921  
Bird C S.        1920  
Blacker Carmen     Radcliffe 1950 The Japanese enlightenment: A study of the writings of Fukuzawa Yukichi (University of Cambridge. Faculty of Oriental Studies. Oriental publications), Carmen Blacker, 1964 
Bremer Theodore G       1920  
Bridgman R. P. 1896 1991   1921 Advisor, Taught Eng. At a Middle School in Japan
Bridgman Alfred       1922  
Brown Amos H. S.     Harvard 1922 THE GRAY HERBARIUMに寄贈した:80 plants of Labrador collected by Amos Brown
C Camacho Martin T.
  Harvard 1951 Link
The administration of the SCAP labor policy in occupied Japan (Harvard Phd Thesis, 1954)  Martin Thomas Camacho
Campbell George W.       1951 US Navy
Campbell         1951  
Campbell Jane       1922  
Cannon Walter B.  1871 1945 Harvard 1920 American Physiologist who is best known for his introduction of the use of X-ray in physiological studies and for his theory of homeostasis.  Bodily changes in pain, hunger, fear, and rage : an account of recent researches into the function of emotional excitement, New York : D. Appleton, 1915 
Carroll Ruth W.       1921  
Carver Thomas Nixon 1865 1961 Harvard 1920 経済学者 現状追認論者、著書多数
Chamberlain Allen 1867   MIT 1922 Beacon Hill, its ancient pastures and early mansions, by Allen Chamberlain, 1925
Chandler Edward H.     Harvard 1922 Finality of Judgment and Decree in the Federal Courts, Federal Jurisdiction Thesis--Law School of Harvard University, 1929
Chang Leo        1953  
Cheever I. E.       1920 Amarborニテ日本人ノ世話セル
Cheney David M.       1921  
Chick Edson E       1920 加州に居てヨッポド日本人好き
顕康       1953  
Clark Alden H. 1878     1922 While the clay is on the wheel / by Alden Hyde Clark.
Cluck H.        1920  
Cooke H. J.       1920  
Cooke H. I.       1922  
Crothers S. M. 1857 1927 Harvard 1922 Samuel McChord Crothers: American Clergyman and essayist. Pastor of the First Parish Church in Cambridge, MA. The Gentle Reader, 1903
Currier Raymond     Harvard 1922 Historical truth in English Chronicle plays from 1590 to 1600 / Raymond Pillsbury Currier. Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1912
Cushing Livingston       1920  
Cushing Charles E.       1951  
Cushing Larry     Harvard 1951  
D Dallin Cyrus E. 1861 1944   1920 President of the Japan Society of Boston, Sculptor  ボストン美術館正面のインディアン像の作者
Dave         1922  
Day Frederick L. 
    1912 Link
Frederick Lansing Day: Plays of the 47 workshop. Fourth series.
by Elizabeth Higgins Sullivan, Mrs.;  Frederick Lansing Day;  James Mahoney;  William Howell Wells
Dearing J. S.       1920 バブチスト派宣教師 1889年来日 1894年:横浜バブチスト神学校校長
Dearing J. L. (John Lincoln)       1922  
Dewart Herbert       1922  
E Eddy Brewer       1922 Ellen C. Eddyの親族か?(アメリカン・エピコスパル・ミッション宣教師で1874年来日 平安女学院の創設者)
Edwards Louis       1921  
Eelton       Harvard 1920 Secretary of Committee of Friendly Relation with Foreign Student, Harvard
Elisseeff Sergei  1889 1975 Harvard 1951 Selected Japanese texts : literature and history / compiled by Serge Elisseeff and Edwin O. Reischauer., 1947     エリセーエフの生涯 : 日本学の始祖 / 倉田保雄著, 1977   Lecturer on Chinese and Japanese 1932-1933; Professor of Far Eastern Languages 1934-.
Elliot Charles W.     Harvard 1922 Charles V. Willie, Charles W. Elliot Professor of Education Emeritus, Harvard University, coauthor of "Student Diversity, Choice, and School Improvement"  化学者、ハーバード大学総長(1834-1926)
Erickson, Jr. R.B.       1951  
Evans Lawrence B.      Tufts 1908  
F Faelton R.       1920  
Ferguson Luther H.       1922  
Ferguson Marry       1922  
Ford James 1884   Harvard 1921 社会倫理学者 Disbributive and productive cooperative societies in New England(Harvard, PhD Thesis, 1909)
Foster K. M.       1921 Had education in Japan
Fottler Marion       1922 How to write a business letter, New York : The Ronald press company, [c1929]
Fraser Doris A.        1921 日米協会(東京) E. A. Fraserの娘か?
G Garrity Mary E.       1920  
Garrity R. A.       1920  
Gilmer A. H.     Tufts 1920 電気通信工学教授Albert Hatton Gilmer
Gould Marshall       1920  
Green Charles       1921  
Greene Jerome D. 1874 1959 Harvard 1952 Papers of Jerome D. Greene, 1894-ca. 1955 (inclusive). graduated from Harvard in 1896, was Secretary to the President, Secretary to the Corporation and served as Overseer at Harvard
Greene J. D.     Harvard 1908 American Boardのミッションで来日したDaniel Crosby Greeneの息子Jerome Davis Greene(日本生まれ)と考えられる。
Guild Curtis, Jr.       1921 Curtis Gulick, Jr.はジャーナリスト & Politician(1860-1915), マサチューセッツ州知事。Harvard
Gulick E. L.       1920 Brother of Dr. Sydney Gulick
Gulick         1920  
Gulick Char B. 1868   Harvard 1922 The Deipnosophists / with an English translation by Charles Burton Gulick
Gulick Sydney 1860 1945   1922 青い目の人形を日本に送る運動(1927)の推進者 京大・同志社で教員   The American Japanese problem; a study of the racial relations of the East and the West, 1914
H Hacking W. E.       1922  
Haeseler John. Q.     Harvard 1921  
Harris Maurice        1953  
Hart A. B. 1854 1943 Harvard 1920 Albert Bushnell Hart、American Educator and historian.  著書多数
Hart Sophie S.     Wellesley 1921  
Hart S. C. 1868 1958 Wellesley 1922 Sophie Chantal Hart 英文学者
Haynes Edith       1920  
Heck Earl L. 1896   Harvard 1921 Augustine Herrman : beginner of the Virginia tobacco trade, merchant of New Amsterdam and first lord of Bohemia manor in Maryland 
Henderson Martha T.      Harvard 1953 H.B. Morse, Customs Commissioner and historian of China / John King Fairbank, Martha Henderson Coolidge, Richard J. Smith, 1995.  元harvard-Yenching Institute(小林先生情報)
High Stanley 1895 1961   1921 Published “China’s Place in the Sun.”, New York : The Macmillan company, 1922
Ho T. K.       1922  
Hocking   1873 1966 Harvard 1920 哲学者William Ernest Hocking, The Meaning of God in Human Experience
Hodges         1920  
Hohnis         1920  
Holborn Frederic L.      Harvard 1952 The Social Democrats : fulfillment and failure : a perspective on Weimar / Frederick L. Holborn. Thesis (A.B., Honors)--Harvard University, 1949.
Holmes Sybil       1922 詩人Oliver Wendell Holmes (Jr.)の一族か?
Hughes H. J.     Harvard 1921 工学者 A treatise on hydraulics / by Hector J. Hughes and Arthur T. Safford
J Johnson W. Fred       1951 城村と自署
K Kayscoling Henry       1951  
Keller         1920 ヘレン・ケラーか?
Kellner Max (Maximilian Lindsay)     Harvard 1922 The history of the Hebrews; an outline study, Cambridge 1901
Kennedy Harris 1873 1956   1908 The Frances Blackler Kennedy memorial collection of Lafcadio Hearn / by Harris Kennedy, 1941 自宅(Dadham)に日本庭園  墓地はWoodlawn Cemetery, MA
Kent N. A. (Norton Adams) 1873   Harvard 1922 The spectrum of the high potential discharge between metallic electrodes in liquids and in gases at high pressures, by George E. Hale and Norton A. Kent, The University of Chicago Press, 1907
Kert         1920  
L Lane L.(Lemuel) H.       1908 名誉会員, Dorchester
Larter Barbala       1951  
Lauger Paul T.       1951  
Lean H. M.       1922  
Leer Monica     (MIT) 1950 母が日本人でM.I.T.教授夫人
Lebra William     Harvard 1951 元Harvard-Yenching Institute(小林先生情報) Okinawan religion, Thesis (Ph.D.)--Harvard University, 1957
Lee CHE TAI       1951  
Leslie Elmer A. 1888     1919 Old Testament religion in light of its Canaanite background by Elmer Archibald Leslie.
Leslie M. E..       1922  
Lewis Um w.       1921  
Lockwood L. E. 1863 1956 Yale 1920 英学者Laura Emma Lockwood  著書 Lexicon to the English poetical works of John Milton, The first one hundred and seventy pages were in 1898 presented to the Philosophical Faculty of Yale University as a doctoral thesis
Lone L. H.       1922  
Long Percy W. (Waldron) 1895   Harvard 1920 歴史学者Percy William Longか?  著書:Other ranks of Kut, by P. W. Long. With a preface by Sir Arnold Wilson、London, Williams and Norgate [1938]
Lovering         1921  
Low Gordon A.       1951 オーストラリヤ
Lowell A. Lawrence 1856 1943 Harvard 1920 Harvard大・学長(1909-1933) 歴史学者Abbott Lawrence Lowell 著者多数, Brahmin-family
M MacFadden Robert A.       1922  
MacIntire France W.        1921  
Marcan E.        1920 Lived in Japan for a long time
Masman E.R.       1951  
McCauley C. (Clay) 1843 1925   1908 1889年来日。ユニタリアン宣教師。日本アジア協会長 1909年・旭日賞、1918・瑞宝章
McClure A. P.       1920 Vice President of B. W. Lawyer’s Club
McCollester Lee S.     Tufts 1921 Tufts大学神学部長
McLain Margaret Starr       1921 Composer: Class Piano, Indiana Univ Press, 1974
Mead Lucia A 1856 1936   1922 作家Lucia True (Ames) Mead Milton's England / by Lucia Ames Mead, 1903
Moncy M.       1951  
Moncy Mildred Watson       1951 Boston Naval Shipyard
Montague Henry       1922  
Moore E. C. 1857 1943 Harvard 1920 神学者Edward Caldwell Moore West and East : the expansion of Christendom and the naturalization of Christianity in the Orient in the XIXth century, being the Dale lectures, Oxford, 1913     Moore began teaching at Harvard University as Parkman Professor of Theology. In 1915, he became the Chairman of the Board of Preachers and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard. 
Morse Edward Sylvester 1838 1925 Harvard 1908 名誉会員, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Once prof. of the Tokyo Imperial Univ.
Morse Lewis Kennedy     Harvard 1922 Melodies of English verse : selections for memorizing / chosen and arranged by Lewis Kennedy Morse, 1910
Munro W. B. 1875 1957 Harvard 1910 American Political Econoist. ハーバード大教授:1912-1925, The Government of European cities, 1909
Munroe (Henry Smith) 1850 1933 Harvard 1909 1872年来日、北海道開拓使、ライマンの助手。1875年開成学校で地質学・金石学教授、翌年帰国 Harvard講師 1871-1874, US Navy Academy教授 1874-1876
Murdock Harold (1862) (1934) Harvard 1922 歴史学者Harold Murdock The reconstruction of Europe : a sketch of the diplomatic and military history of continental Europe, from the rise to the fall of the second French empire, 1892
Murdock Kenneth 1895 1975 Harvard 1922 作家Kenneth Ballard Murdock
N Nease Madeline N.      EASTERN NAZARENE COLLEGE 1952  
Ninde G. F.     Harvard 1921  
Norton A. Kent     B.U. 1921 Prof. of B.U.  Chairman of the Committee on Friendly Relationship among Foreign Students.
P Packard Horace 1855 1936 B.U., Japan 1921 日本人にアメリカのファーザーと呼ばれたという内科主席教授。米国ボストン大学教授ホレース、パッカード同上(在本邦ボリヴィア国特命全権公使ドクトル、ヴィクトル、ムニヨス、レイエス外一名叙勲ノ件)ノ件 大正9年10月21日
Paine Robert Treat 1900 1965 Harvard 1920 The art and architecture of Japan, 1955
Paine J. L.       1922  
Patton C. H.       1920  
Perry H. H. (Basil Harrison)     Harvard 1920 Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics (1922-24)
Pierce Frank Derby     Harvard 1920 Instructor of Orthondontia (1912-13), Instructor in Operational Dentistry (1917-18)
Plane         1922  
Poole W. B.       1922  
Powell Webster H.       1921 Methodist minister
Powell Louise Cutts       1922  
Prince Lucinda W.     Radcliff 1920  
Putnan Lowell        1921  
Q Quinn Paul R.       1951  
R Randell William       1920  
Reischauer Edwin O. 1910 1990 Harvard 1951 ライシャワー大使日録 / エドウィン・O・ライシャワー, ハル・ライシャワー著, 1995  ライシャワー自伝 / エドウィン・O.ライシャワー著 , 1987
Robinson George W. 1899 1927 Harvard 1921 著書:The life of Saint Severinus, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1914
Rogalsky Freda       1921  
Ronner         1922  
Ross Denman Waldo Link
1935   1908 Link
Experiments in drawing and painting. Exhibition, November, 1923, Century Association of New York.
Russ Jean       1951  
Ryder Gertrude E.        1952  
S Sacks Paul       1922  
Sampson Roft det       1922  
Sanders Thomas Henry 1885 1953 Harvard 1922 Professor of Accounting, 1922-     Two concepts of accounting. Harvard Business Review, 1949
Sealer Katherine       1951  
Selfridge G. F.       1922  
Shepard Marion T.       1921  
Sherwood Jesie M.       1921 Enthusiastic supporter of the association. Her home is open every Saturday afternoon to the Jap. students.
Snell Fred M.     Univ. of Buffalo? 1951 Biophysical principles of structure and function / Fred M. Snell, 1965
Snell Mary       1951  
Spear Edward B.        1922  
Sprague O. M. W. (Oliver Mitchell Wentworth)       1920  
Stevens Alice C.      MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE 1952  
Swearingen Rodger 1923   Harvard 1951 Communist strategy in Japan, 1945-1960 / A. Rodger Swearingen, 1965
T Talbol Alice       1921 This home is open to the Japanese students.
Thurston Esther       1922  
Tibbets Walker J.     Harvard 1920 Manager of Phillips Brooks House
Towle B. M.       1951 Towleを東留とも書く。
Tsaon L.m.       1922  
V Vanderhoaf Nelson B.       1922  
VanNess         1920  
Viglielmo  V.H.(Valdo Humbert) 1926   Harvard 1951 Japanese Literature in the Meiji Era. Compiled and Edited by Okazaki Yoshie. Translated and Adapted by V.H.Viglielmo, 1955  元・ハワイ大学教授、日本研究家(小林先生情報)
W Walcott Roger        1921  
Walcott Edwin H.       1908 名誉会員, Imp. Japanese Honorary
Walker Henry 1843 1912   1910 The radical cure of inguinal hernia by Fowler’s method, with reports of cases / by H.O. Walker, 1898
Warner Langdon 1881 1955 Harvard 1908 京都・奈良を戦禍にならぬようにした恩人   List of monuments. Japan / by Langdon Warner, American Defense--Harvard Group, Committee on the Protection of Monuments  米国人ランドン・ウォーナーを勲二等に叙し瑞宝章を贈与の件(昭和30年)
Watson Edward B.  1874 1942   1920 U.S. Naval Attache in Japan, 1919-1922
Wei         1919  
Welch   1862 1969   1924 Herbert George Welch, bishop of Korea(The Japan Review), former President of Ohio Wesleyan University (1905-1916)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Welch
Wendell B. 1855 1921 Harvard 1920 Barrett Wendell, American Teacher and man of letters
Whipple G. C. 1866 1924 Harvard 1920 社会学者のGeorge Chandler Whipple Vital statistics : an introduction to the science of demography, 1923
White D. H.       1922 電気工学者D. Hywel White Elementary electronics, 1966
Wilson Merion F.         1921  
Woodman Monica       1951  
Woods James H. 1864 1935 Harvard 1910 宗教学者のJames Haughton Woods      Papers of James Haughton Woods, ca. 1860-1961 (inclusive)  Woods graduated from Harvard in 1887 and taught philosophy at Harvard 姉崎正治の生涯の親友。岸本英夫は教え子。三井寺法明院に供養塔あり。
Z Zarakov Billy     Radcliffe 1951  
海宋       1953